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Understanding the IT & Digital Recruitment landscape, we connect visionary tech talent that support your digital innovation.

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Jobs in IT & Digital

IT and Digital jobs involve coding, creating, managing and distributing digital content, products and services.

From website development, project management, cyber security, data analysis and software programming, there are a wealth of opportunities within the sector and a wide range of skill levels.

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Digital Recruitment

Digital Recruitment

The IT and Digital sector's many job titles and complexities can be overwhelming. At Marmion we work to understand the roles technical requirements for each role, alongside the employers culture, existing talent and opportunities within the company.

This comprehensive understanding enables us to attract the right talent and asses each candidate on more than just their current skill level, but the longer term opportunity for the employer and individual.

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Qualified & Skilled IT & Digital Candidates

Qualified & Skilled IT & Digital Candidates

Our IT & Digital recruitment process involves a comprehensive assessment of each candidate's skills, experience, and qualifications, ensuring that they have the necessary expertise to thrive in their new role.

Working with a broad range of clients across many sectors, we only present a select few candidates who have been interviewed in person and we believe would be perfect for the role.

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We are Professionally Qualified Recruitment Consultants who focus on searching, assessing and selecting skilled, professional, qualified, executive and non-executive personnel.
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Our job is to create career opportunities. To get it right it takes Time, Effort, Expertise and 'dogged' determination. All of which we have in abundance.
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Why Choose Marmion Recruitment

You need to trust us to act in your best interests, and we promise to do that – every time. 

If you're the right fit for the role and you apply, you’ll always get personal feedback that values the time and energy you’ve spent applying. 

And, if you’re not sure about the role fit, we won’t persuade you to take on a job that’s not quite right or tempt you to hire the wrong person.
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