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Marmion Recruitment invests time and resources into understanding the needs of both the employer and candidate to ensure that when introductions are made, they are worthwhile.

Marmion Ethical Recruitment Agency

An Intelligent Approach to Recruitment

We create meaningful introductions between employers and candidates. 

Effective matchmaking requires intelligently and skilfully sourced insight into each party, and with Marmion’s recruitment services you’ll find no short cuts or quick fixes.
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Marmion Ethical Recruitment Agency

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We are Professionally Qualified Recruitment Consultants who focus on searching, assessing and selecting skilled, professional, qualified, executive and non-executive personnel.
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Our job is to create career opportunities. To get it right it takes Time, Effort, Expertise and 'dogged' determination. All of which we have in abundance.
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Our network of HR Specialists are on-hand to provide you with long-term, interim, or ad-hoc support to help you understand and manage any human resource challenges you face.
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Ethical Business Podcast 

Listen to the team and special guests discuss topics from business management to staff wellbeing and retention.

In this episode, Janet and Matt speak to the founder and creative director of Pretty Clever Studios, John Burton.

In this episode, Janet and Matt are joined by Antoinette Daniel, the Founder of cleaning agency, Just Helpers.

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Marmion Ethical Recruitment Agency

Why Choose Marmion Recruitment

You need to trust us to act in your best interests, and we promise to do that – every time. 

If you're the right fit for the role and you apply, you’ll always get personal feedback that values the time and energy you’ve spent applying. 

And, if you’re not sure about the role fit, we won’t persuade you to take on a job that’s not quite right or tempt you to hire the wrong person.
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Marmion Ethical Recruitment Agency

Proper Role Research

We will take time to get to know you, your business, and your working environment.

Our team learn as much as we can about how you work and how the role will impact on the overall performance of the organisation before we begin any recruitment campaigns on your behalf.

Marmion Ethical Recruitment Agency

Personality Assessments

Introducing candidates who fit seamlessly within your company using more than just a CV.

i3 assessments provide insight into a candidates' instinctive strengths and areas for development, and has the added benefit of enabling hiring managers to revisit job description to identify what strengths and behaviours are needed to succeed.

Marmion Ethical Recruitment Agency

Service Guarantee

We take our responsibilities as recruitment consultants very seriously.

Our commitment to providing a quality focused service by consistently delivering on our promise to always act in the best interests of our candidates and employers is the reason why we receive the highest recommendations on both Google and Trustpilot.

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