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Being made redundant isn’t necessarily the worst thing that can happen to you…

…but it can feel like a punch to the stomach, especially if it happens without prior warning. Panic sets in, and practical concerns about the future especially around living costs etc. emerge, followed in quick succession by questions of 'Why me?' However, amidst the initial shock, there lies an opportunity for both the employee and employer to navigate the transition with communication and care resulting in a less stressful situation for both parties.

Consider the story of someone I am currently working with who, after 10 years, finds themselves back on the job market. Instead of harbouring resentment towards their employer, they embrace the change with optimism. They recognise that their role had outgrown them, and they didn't want to outgrow the role either. And now because of how their employer is handling the redundancy and the effort they are making in supporting this person, gratitude replaces any potential bitterness They now see this as a chance to shape a future that aligns with their aspirations.

Throughout the many redundancy consultation processes I’ve helped to support, I've witnessed a range of emotions and behaviours from both sides. Employers often grapple with guilt and find it difficult to deal directly with people they've come to care about, so avoid effective communication.  They will often pass the task to a 3rd party who may have no prior knowledge of the person or people whose lives are about to change. Employees may suddenly feel abandoned and question the relationship they had with their bosses resulting in anger and disappointment.

However, the outcome doesn't have to strain the relationship irreparably. With the right approach, communication, empathy, and remembering that we’re human, both parties can emerge stronger.

For the employee, effective communication during this uncertain time from the employer can provide clarity and support. Knowing the reasons behind the redundancy and understanding what assistance is available can ease the transition. Additionally, receiving acknowledgment of their contributions can validate their worth and soften the blow.

On the other hand, employers must approach redundancies with transparency and compassion. Open dialogue about the company's challenges and the rationale behind the decision can foster trust and mitigate feelings of betrayal. Offering assistance such as career counselling or outplacement services demonstrates a commitment to the employee's well-being beyond their tenure with the company.

Ultimately, and based on my experience, redundancy can be a catalyst for growth and reinvention, both personally and professionally. By prioritising communication and care, employers can uphold their responsibility to support departing employees, while also safeguarding the morale and reputation of their organisation. And for employees, embracing change with resilience and gratitude can pave the way for a brighter future, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

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