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Helping Make Business Better

Listen to our Founder and CEO discuss her business journey and how ethical business practices have shaped her decision making.

With business leaders joining the podcast from a wide range of industries, we will cover business management, HR and growth.

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Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. These are the key pillars on which both an ethical business—and this podcast are founded.

Hosted by the founder and Managing Director of Yorkshire-based ethical recruitment business, Marmion, Janet McGlaughlin, The Ethical Business Podcast gives listeners powerful insight into the realities behind running a business that aligns with its creator's personal values and ethics.

In this initial bonus episode, we hear Janet's story - from her childhood through to setting up her own ethical business - and the things that have influenced her along the way.

Building an Ethical Business

In the first episode of our new podcast series, Marmion Founder and Managing Director Janet McGlaughlin talks about her own journey to creating an ethical business. With over 25 years of professional experience, Janet explains the importance of finding people who share your values, not only internally among colleagues and candidates but also externally with stakeholders and other companies.

From establishing a city centre base and organically growing the business to the importance of ongoing team training and remaining resilient during difficult times, Janet’s personal insights are the ideal inspiration for any business or professional interested in working more ethically.

Ethical Decision Making in Digital, with Adam Moody

In this episode, Janet and Matt talk with Adam, the Founder & Managing Director of the Design, Print & Digital Marketing Agency, Far‘n’Beyond. They discuss how to make ethical business decisions whilst also being sustainably conscious.

With over 20 years of professional experience, Adam reveals his journey into the Digital Marketing industry, explaining how his core company values are entwined with all avenues of his business - whether that be through recruitment, managing client needs or building a positive team dynamic.

The episode concludes by exploring how the growth in sustainable consumerism has impacted the Digital Marketing Media landscape.

Sustainability: Now and for the future with Helen Lord

In this episode, Janet and Matt welcome Helen Lord to the show. As the founder and managing director of Used Kitchen Exchange, Helen explains the origins of the business and how it has since developed into a leading B Corp company.

Launched in November 2015 and based in Cheshire, Used Kitchen Exchange was created to provide an ethical kitchen replacement service. Helen tells us about balancing the challenge of meeting eco criteria without sacrificing customer needs, with their success having earned many accolades including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. The final topic of discussion concerns how we can all become more ethically aware and our hopes for B Corp businesses in the future.

Meet Matt – Mapping the future of Marmion

In this episode, Janet takes the opportunity to interview her co-host Matt, who has recently been promoted onto the executive board of Marmion. A student of business, Matt explains how he has adapted towards his new role as Executive Director.

Janet and Matt take us through their journey of developing ethical business morals and their fight to grow their company post-Brexit and post-pandemic. With a focus on finding rewards through attributes other than monetary gains, Matt explains how the ethics of running a business can alter your priorities.

They also reflect on the importance of mental well-being within the workplace, accentuating the reality of taking time to work on both your personal and professional self.

Exploring Sabbaticals for Business Leaders: Part 1

In this episode, Janet and Matt explore the opportunity for leaders in business to take time away from their roles for their physical and mental wellbeing. Speaking to special guests Matthew and Dave, they explore the different lessons and experiences which they encountered during their time off work.

Whilst taking a sabbatical can have positive effects on your own personal growth, Janet and Matt also explore how it paves the way for succession within your business. Whilst taking leave may seem daunting, it can also give your employees the opportunity to develop through taking on new responsibilities.

Resilience & Mental Health in Business

Focusing on the importance of mental health and resilience both in and outside of work, Janet and Matt host the largest group of guests we have seen so far on The Ethical Business Podcast!

Discussing everything from imposter syndrome to creating a healthy business culture, the conversation allows for each of our guests to share their personal experiences of mental well-being and resilience since beginning their business ventures.`

Exploring Sabbaticals for Business Leaders - Part 2

In this episode, Janet and Matt continue their exploration of sabbaticals, discussing the benefits for leaders and employees with Mark Granger, the operations director for Centric Talent, who took time away from the office to sail from mainland Spain to Eastern Greece.

Mark tells us how this transformative experience improved his mental health by changing his perspective on work.

Fighting for Fair Pay & Social Equality

In this episode, Janet and Matt are joined by Antoinette Daniels, the Founder of cleaning agency, Just Helpers.

Launched in 2012, Just Helpers provide professional cleaning services whilst fighting social inequality by ensuring each Helper is paid at least the London living wage. Antoinette shares her journey into the cleaning world, and the ambitions that led her there. Discussion turns to the challenges that they faced as a result of Covid 19 and what they learnt in response.

Antoinette highlights the importance of wellbeing and equal pay throughout her business and details how she supported her colleagues through the pandemic.

Maintaining Morality & Integrity in Business with John Burton

In this episode, Janet and Matt speak to the founder and creative director of Pretty Clever Studios, John Burton. John explains how the team at Pretty Clever are passionate about maintaining an ethical stance towards business, local communities and the planet.

John discusses how his journey through education was always backed by a passion for creativity, laying the foundations for his future career in graphic design. Having discovered the corporate world was not something he saw himself being a part of, John taught himself the basics of graphic design software and began his business journey.

Since their foundation in 2019, John and the Pretty Clever team have maintained their focus on doing good for local communities. From working with like-minded individuals who share his passion for ethical business decisions to becoming a B-Corp certified business earlier this year, John discusses his plans of continuing to enjoy business while sustaining a morally focused team.