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Salary & Role Scoping

Ethical recruitment services are based on collaboration. We will assess your role against others on the market for salary, benefits and working environment.

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The Foundations of Successful Recruitment

The Foundations of Successful Recruitment

At Marmion, we’ll get to know your department and line managers individually.

You will share with us where your business is and the plans for the business (confidentially) and how you create your team culture. It will give us insight into how your employees work and the value this new colleague will add to the team/organisation.

Salary & Role Scoping

Salary & Role Scoping

We’ll spend time talking through what you need and understanding your business, from why you have a vacancy to how role responsibilities will fit in your current department structures.

If you would like us to, we will work with your HR team and hiring manager to adapt the role and job description so that when we create the attraction campaign the advert is authentic, and the requirement and rewards are easily understood by potential applicants.

we’ll get to know your department and line managers individually
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Understanding Your Vacancy

Understanding Your Vacancy

Once we understand your role, we will assess it against others on the market for salary, benefits and working environment. With our multiple years in recruitment and experience supporting and recruiting for a diverse range of industries it is something we are well-placed to do.

Getting the salary right from the start gets responses from genuine candidates, making the process quicker and easier for you. So, we will help you consider salaries, incentives, and benefits to make the package clear straight away. We don’t chase fees and if we feel the salary you're offering is excessive, we will tell you.

Salary & Role Scoping

Salary & Role Scoping

When we scope a role, we will take the time to get all the detail we need to make sure a candidate can be as well informed as possible when deciding whether to apply and thereafter accept an offer. It matters to you, as you need to know that your new recruit is joining your business with clear expectations providing you with greater reassurance they will stay.

Here, our i3 Personality Profiling is really valuable as the report describes their individual and instinctive behaviours, how they prioritise, and their most productive working environments. This insight helps us identify candidate that fit the role and environment we have scoped more effectively.

With this shared approach and solid understanding of your roles and your workplace, our recruitment services will give you a strong, effective, and long-lasting recruitment strategy throughout your business.

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Why Choose Marmion Recruitment

You need to trust us to act in your best interests, and we promise to do that – every time. 

If you're the right fit for the role and you apply, you’ll always get personal feedback that values the time and energy you’ve spent applying. 

And, if you’re not sure about the role fit, we won’t persuade you to take on a job that’s not quite right or tempt you to hire the wrong person.
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