Matt is outstanding, certainly the best I've come across. Very genuine friendly approach installing confidence in his clients. My experience has been great, Matt has taken time to go through interview prep, provide feedback and sit through presentation or interview requirements step by step. Always perfect with the communication gets in touch as soon as there's an update or change to speak about. I can't recommend enough and thank you Matt for everything you've done!

John – IT Account Manager

I have worked with Matt and Janet for just over 3 years now. As a hiring manager you deal with lots of different agencies however, it’s the ones who listen and take time to understand your business that really make a difference. I’ve given them plenty of challenges throughout this time, from requiring 13 new sales executives to open my new office, to building a pipeline of candidates to help with our ongoing growth strategy. Marmion never fail to deliver on anything they commit, whether it be assisting with interviews, holding assessment centres or even just being there to help on the days that can be a challenge. For me, time is money and the team at Marmion have saved me countless hours qualifying candidates, telephone interviewing and even aiding with paperwork. Thank You for all of your hard work, it’s an absolute pleasure working with you.

Natasha Welsh – UK National & SMB Sales Manager

The amount of help and support I got was simply outstanding. I was kept informed throughout the whole job process. I worked with Alice McLaughlin who was really supportive and encouraging too. Honestly, I feel like a owe a lot to her securing a job in my chosen field. The agency also offered a self assessment questionnaire which was really useful in my interview. Overall 10/10 would definetely recommend to anyone, who's looking for a job in the business industry.

Damilola Milburn – Graduate Commercial Business Analyst

Andy Reeves's knowledge of solicitors and barristers is current and insurmountable as he has worked at the legal coal face all of his career. He doesn't do the shot gun approach of flinging cv's to anyone, hoping for a catch but talks to people, interviews them and marries them up sensibly . Unlike a lot, if not most, of his competitors. A person you can trust and of the utmost integrity in this cut throat industry. If you don't know him - you should make it your business to do so.

Giles Ward, Senior Partner – Milners Solicitors

I've worked with Janet on several occasions and am always impressed by her understanding of the challenges facing Financial Services. Working in a regulated environment means the quality and integrity of our resource partners are paramount to building the right team. Janet and her team consider the needs of both clients and candidates to ensure appointments are tailored to both and have longevity. Personal , professional and proactive.

Amanda Swinley, Head of Redress and Remediation, The Cooperative Bank

When I think of an individual who has inspired me in my career, Janet stands out as that key mentor who gave me confidence, direction and taught me how to manage people and business. Janet is a true Professional with a wealth of knowledge which she always shares in a motivational and articulate manner. She always leaves a 'presence' by the way she communicates and presents herself. I would highly recommend Janet!

Beth McMaw, Director

Working with Janet (and Alan) was very rewarding when we were establishing a new and innovative contacting model. So often when it comes to the detailed implementation both providers and commissioners lose their nerve a bit and become a bit risk averse but I think that Janet was key to managing the mobilisation process and thereafter remaining true to the vision.

Helen Hirst, Chief Officer Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven, Bradford City and Districts CCGs

I worked with Janet for just under 3 years in a variety of roles within Financial Services in what was an exciting, fast moving and pressurised environment. Janet displayed great communication and stakeholder management skills to foster and develop the relationship with the client. At the same time Janet showed great insight, patience and talent in understanding the pressures of the operation. No doubt that Janet is highly skilled and a real asset to an organisation.

Dermot Enright, Business Analyst

I cannot thank Janet enough for the opportunity she presented when she recruited me. She opened up doors that, without her, would not otherwise be accessible. Janet's pastoral care motivated us to deliver in terms of both productivity and quality and it helped us grow on both a professional and personal level. Janet has a leadership/management style that is both altruistic and transformational. I have seldom, if ever, come across someone, during my time in employment, with Janet's ability to grow a business yet be so approachable and genuinely care about people. I would work with/for Janet again without hesitation and would like to once again, express my gratitude for the chance she gave me.

Mohammad Safyan, LLB LPC and Financial Services

I was at a crossroads in my career when I met Janet and unsure of which route to take. Janet was supportive, encouraging but most importantly honest with me. Janet not only supported me throughout our time on the project but kept close to my career since, offering guidance along the way when I needed it. I value Janet's opinion not only because of her honesty with me but because of the integrity she has demonstrated time and time again within our profession. When looking to bring people into the project, Janet would steer me on the individual's capability, their team fit and even whether placing them was the right thing to do for the individual. The result has been a network of co-workers I have maintained and will continue to work with. I trust Janet and in today's environment that is important. I would strongly, and happily, recommend Janet.

Jo Johnson, Director JJ Consultancy Ltd

I've had the pleasure of working with Janet on several projects and am always impressed with the quality, bespoke service she offers. Janet takes the time to really understand my business requirements and delivers staff with both great skills and cultural match. Janet keeps in constant contact with both me and the staff she provides to ensure the relationship continues to work, this has paid dividends over time as key people with specialist skill sets are retained within my business. Janet is a warm, highly professional and personable lady who is always extremely responsive and pragmatic and acts with integrity in all her interactions.

Jo Morlidge, Senior Supplier Manager Lloyds Banking Group

Janet was very generous to take the time to offer me sound and professional advice about the techniques required for my graduate application process. She had a very 'open door' policy and talked me through all the various application steps and how to present myself with professional decorum, enthusiasm and determination. Janet's 'Advice for Job Seekers in 2016' articles are accurate, meticulous and an invaluable information source; I personally experienced the majority of steps outlined in the articles. After completing an online application, online tests and a telephone interview, I was invited to an assessment centre, where I applied the techniques taught by Janet to the group tasks, individual presentations and interviews scheduled throughout the day. Given my feedback, I was an extremely strong candidate. But unfortunately, I was told soon after the day that I had not got the job (but this was my first assessment centre so I had not given up). Janet's guidance with how to best handle rejection, accept the constructive feedback and ultimately how to develop myself further was motivating and inspiring. Janet's advice lined me up for a variety of other assessment centres and interviews, but it wasn't long before the company I first did my assessment with got in touch and offered me a job after all! This all said, I cannot thank Janet enough for her help. Her encouragement, positivity and kindness were very welcomed and I would recommend anyone to read her published articles and seek her advice.

Evan Price, Graduate Systems Engineer at MDNA