Evan Price, Graduate Systems Engineer at MDNA

18 August, 2021

Janet was very generous to take the time to offer me sound and professional advice about the techniques required for my graduate application process. She had a very 'open door' policy and talked me through all the various application steps and how to present myself with professional decorum, enthusiasm and determination. Janet's 'Advice for Job Seekers in 2016' articles are accurate, meticulous and an invaluable information source; I personally experienced the majority of steps outlined in the articles. After completing an online application, online tests and a telephone interview, I was invited to an assessment centre, where I applied the techniques taught by Janet to the group tasks, individual presentations and interviews scheduled throughout the day. Given my feedback, I was an extremely strong candidate. But unfortunately, I was told soon after the day that I had not got the job (but this was my first assessment centre so I had not given up). Janet's guidance with how to best handle rejection, accept the constructive feedback and ultimately how to develop myself further was motivating and inspiring. Janet's advice lined me up for a variety of other assessment centres and interviews, but it wasn't long before the company I first did my assessment with got in touch and offered me a job after all! This all said, I cannot thank Janet enough for her help. Her encouragement, positivity and kindness were very welcomed and I would recommend anyone to read her published articles and seek her advice.

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