Gav Roberts

17 August, 2021

Can't recommend Matt enough - Very, very helpful and unique scope on looking for potential candidates for roles in terms of not focusing solely on experience but also what transferable skills they might have that can be brought to the role. I'm currently in the midst of doing a bit of a career switch and that's how my experience started with Matt whilst identifying roles with the IT industry and even gave pointers on interview techniques as it's been a some time since I've interviewed and furthermore have no interview experience for IT based roles. Although, I didn't get the role I was put forward for down to my performance, Matt still continues to be an incredibly supportive, We often keep in touch and has helped with re-arranging my CV to gear towards the work I am looking for. Really easy to talk too, has a natural gift for talking to people, very fast in turn arounds, reliable, honest and relentless in providing what support he can offer to see positive outcomes. Thank you, Matt!

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