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What Does Ethical Recruitment Really Mean?

What does ethical recruitment really mean?

Ethical recruitment creates great working relationships between ourselves, and the employers and candidates we support. By demonstrating time and time again a firm commitment to understanding the individual needs of both parties we generate trust and respect which, makes perfect business sense.

Ethical recruitment is the driving force behind everything we do at Marmion. It’s vital that we provide services based on integrity, transparency, and a true appreciation of the impact a new role can have on a candidate, rather than chasing fees. Ethical recruitment works, but what does it really mean for you?


Why do we need ethical recruitment?

Sadly, there will be those who have not experienced ethical recruitment, and that is bad news for those of us who are working hard to provide a service that adds real value to companies who don’t have the time and resources to search for talent themselves. For example, you might have been sent a batch of completely inappropriate CVs to wade through. Or, you may have had little to no communication from a 'recruiter', only to find they’ve sent your CV for an entirely unsuitable role without your permission.

Poor experiences will naturally make hiring managers and candidates wary of using a recruitment agency. However, at Marmion, we know that the success and happiness of matched candidates and hiring managers rests on a well thought out recruitment campaign which will result in placing the right candidate in the right role. That’s why we only practice ethical recruitment. It is never about sending out unsolicited or unsuitable CVs we've receive in the hope of a quick-fix placement.

Instead, we focus on identifying and interpreting what 'workplace productivity and achievement' looks like from the hiring managers perspective whilst considering the wellbeing of the candidates we place which assures our place as leaders in our field, and will help to drive high standards within the recruitment industry, creating a positive experience for all.


Why is ethical recruitment important?

As a candidate looking out for your best interests at every stage of the process and making sure your needs are met is always the priority. That’s because we know that taking on a new role or changing career path has a significant impact on you, your family and your lifestyle. What we do will never compromise that end goal.

You spend a huge percentage of your time at work. So you need to know your job will bring value to your wellbeing, financial situation, and sense of accomplishment. Through ethical recruitment, we take responsibility for that by carefully considering how a new role will affect you. If that’s likely to be negative in any way, we simply won’t put you forward for the position. Instead, we’ll find a vacancy that’s truly right for you.

It has to be remembered that an incorrect hire also impacts the hiring manager, and getting it wrong can create significant challenges not just in terms of the business but also on the wellbeing of the hiring manager and or the team. Whilst we don’t have the final say on which candidates are selected, we are confident enough to advise If, during the process, we feel the candidate being strongly considered is the wrong one.  Better to know before someone starts than later on down the road!


How does ethical recruitment work?

Ethical recruitment begins with a real understanding of what you’re looking for from the person you appoint for the role. As the hiring manager, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your team, the way you work, and the values you hold. Only then we will be confident that we have a clear picture of why you have a vacancy and the exact type of person you’re looking for to fill it.

With that understanding, we’ll send a maximum of three CVs per vacancy for your review, respecting both your work schedule and your time. However, sometimes, given the effort we make behind the scenes, we will only present one.  We will have considered all applications before sending anything through, and our job is to find 'the one'!

As a candidate, you’ll spend a lot of time with your dedicated Recruitment Consultant who is not focused and targeted on anything other than doing what is best for you. He/she will want to  learn about your experiences, skills and values. It’s only by you engaging with us and allowing us to know more about you that we can demonstrate ethical recruitment practices.

You’ll feel understood, respected and kept informed throughout the entire recruitment process, and we’ll never make assumptions about your needs. What's important is that you know the opportunity is real and that if we agree to work together it's because we genuinely feel it’s a good fit for you.

However, there may be times when you apply for a role and you believe it's right for you when we have to say, based on all the information we have from both parties, it's not.  You'll be disappointed but we will provide you with an explanation and we will support you in your search for an alternative if that’s what you want. And, because we are ethical consultants, your assessment of our service matters, so we’ll listen to your feedback and communicate any improvements we make back to the team.


What is our ethical recruitment promise?

An ethically focused recruitment service should be the norm because when you appoint a person, not matter whether it’s an entry or 'C' level role, you need to know that whatever sources you’ve used to search and select the candidate, he or she will be the right one or have potential to be 'the one'. In doing so you be assured they will perform well and will help your business to grow and succeed. We believe ethical recruitment is the only way and Recruitment Consultants in Marmion offer this commitment to all their hiring managers.

Equally, as an employee, the job you do can have a profound impact on all areas of your life. That’s why we take our responsibility towards you during the application process so seriously. With a fair and honest approach led by ethical recruitment practices, you can rest assured that Marmion will work with you to place you in a company in which you can be confident and successful.

To find out more about ethical recruitment and how we work, get in touch with the team at Marmion.

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Janet sat in a comfortable chair discussing with an out of shot colleague

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