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Our 2021 Reflection

As we draw this year to a close, it’s important for every business to reflect on their plans for growth and continued success moving into 2022. We took this opportunity to speak with our founder, Janet McGlaughlin and reflect on the past 12 months at Marmion.

Expectations Moving into 2021

This year, we saw people doing their best to return to life as they remember it. At Marmion, our expectations for growth at the beginning of the year were stunted by the pandemic– as echoed across many businesses globally.

Despite this, a sincere dedication to our values and determination to deliver excellent customer service, saw our company flourish.

How Has the Business Evolved and Adapted?

During this year, our team of recruitment consultants has doubled from 4 to 8. We have continued to invest in the training of our consultants, taking on new trainees to facilitate our growth. We have been fortunate enough to recruit fantastic staff who have a great capacity for what they do – together in our commitment to excellent customer service.

Janet stated that “in this year, we have tripled our pipeline and we’ve tripled our turnover”, which could not have been achieved without the passionate work of our team. We work in tandem with the companies we recruit for, nurturing our client relationships into ones that are built on trust and success.

This year, Marmion has evolved to become more immersed in the businesses that we work with – strengthening our relationships and embedding the value of customer experience.

Our Clients

Stronger relationships with the companies we recruit for is “something that makes me smile”, according to our manager and founder, Janet. We see ourselves as aligned with our clients and passionate to see each company develop with the people who we find for them.

Additionally, our developed client relationships ensure that our candidates are going to work for a company that we love and trust – promoting success for both the hiring manager and the candidate.

The Recruitment Industry in 2021

With a distinct focus on customer experience, Marmion was set up differently to the industry norm. Janet stated that “I set Marmion up because I felt that the industry was failing in its duty of care to its candidates…I sat and thought ‘who would I trust my children with?’ and I could only think of one person.”

Janet’s determination to create a recruitment company whose primary focus was not the highest turnover, but the positive experience of our clients and candidates, was rewarded this year with our impressive company growth.

At Marmion, we invest in the people who we work with, we give them the theory behind what they’re doing, and we show them that we’re there for them – we don’t set outrageous targets that induce stress and apply pressure. Considering this, Janet has built Marmion in her own way, creating a secure workplace where every employee is appreciated for their hard work.

Biggest Success of 2021

When asked what Marmion’s biggest success of 2021 is, Janet responded that “we’re still standing” after the uncertainty of the pandemic. Despite the pandemic, Marmion is here, people like us, respect us, talk about us and stay with us – that is a mark of success, and the financials happen to support that.

A huge success for Marmion this year is how we have surrounded ourselves with such great talent - with further potential to unlock! As we move forward into the new year, we will continue our culture of togetherness and the value of a great customer experience.

Biggest Challenge of 2021

The uncertainty of the pandemic has not gone away, and this year our biggest challenge has been to overcome this. However, with the help of technology we have become incredibly skilled at virtual interviews, which we’ll undoubtably continue in a post-pandemic world.

As with our clients, finding the right people to help us to grow the business is always a challenge. Moving forward into the new year and with the continuation of the investments we’ve made, we are excited for the opportunity to introduce new people.

Looking to 2022

In 2022, we have some exciting news that we are going to announce in January that will help to work towards our plans for growth – so keep your eyes peeled!

If the rate of demand from hiring companies continues as it has done this year, we will grow the business carefully to ensure that we do not lose our values. As we look to double our headcount, we will continue to invest in the business to give us more national coverage.

The team at Marmion are so thankful to the people who work with us, whether they’re a candidate or hiring manager and we can’t wait to continue in our journey for growth!

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Marmion recruitment team group shot outside

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