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Changing Jobs in 2022

Has the COVID-19 pandemic inspired you to make a career change this year? Then you’re not alone. Resignations hit a 20-year high at the end of 2021 and workers in the UK are continuing to seek out new jobs as we approach Springtime.

Organisations across a variety of sectors are strengthening their employment offer in response to record high vacancies. So, whether you’re looking for better pay as inflation rises, increased flexibility, or you’re ready for a new challenge, now is a good time to make a career switch. Here are some important factors to consider before taking the plunge:

Understanding Your Professional Value

One of the key principles of any successful negotiation is knowing your worth. Having a thorough understanding of the value you can bring to an employer and their organisation will give you an important edge when trying to advance your career.

To obtain an accurate view of where your value lies, consider the range of skills and abilities you bring to the table, as well as how beneficial they are in comparison to those of others performing a similar job. Performance reviews and other assessment tools your employers have used can give insight into some of your strengths, as well as reveal attributes you haven’t previously considered.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to understand and communicate your professional value to an employer and, when it comes to starting negotiations, this knowledge should help to frame your desired salary.

Salary Isn’t the Be-All and End-All

When considering a career change, it’s important to look beyond the salary offered and think carefully about the total compensation. Total compensation is the collective compensation provided to an employee in return for their services. According to, this includes “the employee's base salary…, the total amount of the fringe benefits (health insurance, paid time off, retirement plan, profit sharing, gym membership, etc.), bonuses and/or commissions”.

The pandemic has prompted many people to realise that they want something different from their jobs and their lives in general. A generous salary won’t therefore make up for a lack of workplace flexibility or internal progression opportunities if you have come to realise that either of these factors are important to you.

In order to move forward in your career, you need to know exactly what it is that you want from your new job and how the total compensation offered can help you to advance along your desired career path.

Take the First Step Towards Changing Your Career

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Mature Woman Leaving Job

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