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From Office Desk to Departure Desk: Julian’s Year-long Sabbatical Adventure

From his first meeting with Marmion in 2022, Julian Williams knew that he had found his work home. His talent, enthusiasm and dedication mark him out as a key team member who is going to go far. So, it could be viewed as a strange choice for Marmion to encourage him to take a sabbatical for a year and travel, but in reality it is anything but.

In this special blog we learn about Julian’s journeys, from joining Marmion, to the one he is planning on taking very shortly.

First Steps in Recruitment

Julian’s story is one of someone with raw talent. Straight out of a sports development degree, Julian started working as a sports coach; from there he started recruiting other coaches and somewhat fell into recruitment. He considers his lack of experience in recruitment actually to have worked in his favour; it meant that Janet and the team have been able to train and mould him into the sort of recruiter Marmion wants. Julian is proud of his achievements and contributions to the team. There is no one else he would want to work for; there is a shared vision.

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Destination Daydreams: Where the Sabbatical Journey Began

Julian has to let it be known: his sabbatical wasn’t even his idea! One of the strengths at Marmion is that Janet takes the time to get to know her staff and allows and encourages open,  frank conversations. Janet noticed that Julian was finding the transition back from travel and visiting family hard. They talked, she asked him if he had ever experienced an extended break – something beyond a holiday, a feeling of really lifting the pressure for an extended period of time? Taking the time to really get to know her staff, Janet asked about Julian’s experiences outside of work. Julian has always been interested in the world, keeping his world map always in sight and dropping pins into his online maps. A missing element from Julian’s life CV, Janet suggested taking a travel sabbatical; a year to relax, to grow, to develop, to see and experience the world while young and free.

Personal Growth and Professional Gains

Marmion’s commitment to staff development and wellbeing extends beyond podcasts and blogs; they actually practice what they preach. In Julian’s own words, “Marmion likes to do things in a different way”. Julian and the team know that anything that is of benefit to him as an individual  also makes a better employee. He wants to progress and he will not forget this opportunity that Marmion has given him. 

Julian is planning to deliberately place himself out of his comfort zone; he is aiming for some personal growth which will also contribute to his professional development. He is looking forward to being completely dependent on his own skills and connections and then bringing his new found confidence back with him to Marmion, ready to take the next steps in his career. 

What are Julian’s Plans?

First stop is Oslo, then Bangkok and South Thailand. Confident he will make friends, next is Australia over Christmas and New Year’s. In January it is onto Melbourne and then the plans trail off – and the liberating experience of not knowing what is next. In fact, the return plans are so loose that he doesn’t have the actual return date secured!

Julian has been given an opportunity to spread his wings and grow. The loyalty Marmion has developed in him has allowed them to trust that this investment will pay off for them as well. The family culture at Marmion means this prodigal son will definitely return.

Now all that is left is for Julian to go and buy a sturdy pair of trainers as he takes his next steps into the unknown.

Good luck Julian.

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Julian Williams

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