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Janet McGlaughlin

Managing Director

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Janet's Role

Responsibility for the day-to-day management of the business, with a very hands on approach to recruitment. Integrity and a focus on creating a highly-respected company is at the forefront of how we work. Having operated successfully in a highly dynamic environment for 30 years proves that is is possible to be both commercial and principled in business.

“Creating a memorable service which is recognised as an ethical and professional recruitment solution for both employers and candidates can only be delivered if everyone is on board, so training and developing others to do the same is only possible if I consistently demonstrate good practice”.

Prior to Marmion

Janet began her career in nursing. However, when it became less about the patient and more about the paperwork, she made the move in to recruitment. She set up Marmion Recruitment in 2014, but held off launching the recruitment side of things until she was convinced that the business could deliver what the market needed.

Following a successful launch of the Harrogate Office from her shed in January 2016 she opened the Leeds Office on 11th September 2017. We now operate throughout the UK and work with clients to provide services meeting all their recruitment needs, be that for entry level staff to senior management.

What Janet McGlaughlin brings to the team

Operational intelligence, a love of recruitment, and with a consistent focus on quality. All qualities Janet firmly believes are key to a successful business. She is a doer and loves the business of matching good people with good companies.

Short cuts often mean compromise, and these are not always in the best interest of employers and candidates. Doing things the right way requires a lot of effort, but Janet is not afraid of hard work, and nor are her team.

Working at Marmion

Our business community and working environment is constantly changing so Marmion’s future continues to evolve, but Janet knows that if the team keep focusing on what’s important, it will be a successful one.

Something you might not know about Janet

The pandemic has enabled businesses to work very differently. Remote and flexible working is now the norm and so interviewing candidates on a face to face basis will also change. Holographic interviewing is something we are exploring. Oh, and Janet was once a floor model for Primark!
Overall 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone

Damilola Milburn - Graduate Commercial Business Analyst
Janet McGlaughlin
Really easy to talk too, has a natural gift for talking to people, very fast in turnarounds, reliable, honest and relentless in providing what support he can offer to see positive outcomes.

Gav Roberts

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