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Alice McGlaughlin

Executive Director | Recruitment & Retention Consultant

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Alice's Role

As an Executive Director and REC qualified Recruitment & Retention Consultant I sit on the board as well as recruit, influencing Marmion's strategy and leading recruitment processes from the outset.

I work closely with Janet & Matt on plans for the future of Marmion, managing supplier relationships, strategy development, and internal resource management.

I engage with our employer clients to understand their requirements and business needs fully, subsequently writing up comprehensive job adverts in order to find the most suitable candidates with the required skillset and experience.

From a candidate perspective, I’m be on hand to offer advice in all areas of their search, including CV tips, offering guidance about where to enhance their skillsets and fully prepare for interviews.

Prior to Marmion

I spent just under two years working for one of the UK’s largest tech companies as an Account Manager. I'm extremely grateful for this role, since then I have massively leaned on the insights I gained here of the tech-channel, nuances of the internal workings of an MSP/VAR/Tech Reseller, and various technology solutions and vendors when recruiting into this industry, that I'm sure a lot of recruitment consultants won't have the luxury of having. Not only this, but I gained some great exposure to working with businesses of all sizes and across a diverse set of sectors.

Prior to joining Marmion I worked at a Digital Marketing agency, again as an Account Manager. Another role I'm thankful for as I have, through osmisis, managed to pick up a deep understanding of processes, procedures, role nuances, and technologies that I still use today within my recruitment activities.

What Alice McGlaughlin brings to the team

A little bit of humour and a positive outlook to every day!

Working at Marmion

Its fair to say I love working at Marmion, I share so many of our Founder's values, ethics, and her vision for the future, and feel very lucky to be a part of something so special.

Ultimately I understand on a deep level that my role has the opportunty to change people's lives and I take that very seriously. At Marmion we are taught to always do what is right, as a result I'm able to be 100% authentic & honest and provide both my candidates and clients all of the information that is available to them without me worrying about hard to acheive KPI's/targets dimishing my service. I make informed and intelligent introductions based on a candidates background and a client's brief, and they have the final decision, which I never try to influence.

Something you might not know about Alice

When I was 18 I had a British 100m indoor rowing record!
I’ve worked with a number of recruitment agencies and I can truly say Marmion are without a doubt the best

Michael Murray
Alice McGlaughlin
I’ve worked with a number of recruitment agencies and I can truly say Marmion are without a doubt the best

Michael Murray

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