Improving the Recruitment Process with Personality Profiling

4 April, 2023

The pandemic prompted numerous changes for employees and employers alike. Workers now want more flexible options, greater wellbeing support, and to achieve a better work-life balance. In the meantime, many sectors are still struggling financially while others such as IT continue to develop.

The job market has never been so competitive, making recruitment an even more demanding and stressful experience for both recruiters and candidates. Whether you are hoping to find and retain the right staff or select and apply for the perfect position as a job seeker, assessment techniques such as i3 Profiling can help to make the process easier, more accurate, and fairer for all involved.

Challenges Faced by Recruiters and Candidates

Modern day recruitment is all about creating a positive candidate experience, but with time, money and energy at a premium for many businesses, the hiring process can become a box-ticking exercise where following company policy becomes more important than finding the best person for the job.

For candidates, the pressure to find the right role can lead to negative or narrow ways of thinking and a decline in mental health. Second-hand information on industries and companies can lead to misinformed applications, while job titles and descriptions can be inaccurate or misinterpreted.

Are Job Interviews Enough?

Businesses and ways of working have changed for the long-term following the pandemic, yet the way many job interviews are conducted is outdated and insufficient. Whether in person or online, recruiters will find it hard to compare candidates fairly and unconscious bias is an ongoing issue.

For both employees and employers, the unnatural situation and pressure to succeed can lead to awkward responses and misrepresentation. Even a successful interview doesn’t mean the right candidate will be selected, or that they will enjoy their role and want to stay with the company.

The Benefits of i3 Profiling

One of the most successful ways of improving your recruitment strategy is to use an assessment technique such as i3 Profiling. Initially designed to raise the awareness of professionals and aid them in building relationships at work, the method has since grown thanks to its accuracy and insight.

Rather than offer a generalised suggestion for career management as with other assessments, i3 Profiling instead focuses on the individual and their unique strengths. With a variety of tools, it can be used at any stage of a career to provide continual guidance and support unique to each user.

In recruitment, i3 Profiling can give employers a way of gaging the suitability of candidates while job seekers can use it to bring clarity and direction to their search. Delivered by professionals trained through accredited courses, i3 Profiling has now become a trusted and useful employment tool.

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