Team Dynamics

You want to truly know your people and what matters to them so your business can grow. To do that, we’ll work with you to understand the opportunities, and challenges, within your team.

A great team is built on individuals coming together

A great team is built on individuals coming together. Marmion’s i3 Personality Profiling uncovers, and celebrates, what makes people unique and brings them together to develop successful teams. i3 Personality Profiling is made up of a series of different online assessment solutions, such as personality tests or an aptitude test, to understand how people work. For example, i3 Personality Profiling can help you understand how people prioritise their work and respond to colleagues and management. You will also discover what makes a great working environment for each individual, and the natural and instinctive ways they behave.

It’s a thorough process, and it takes time. But it’s all designed to get the very best from every person in your team by getting to know them and their needs, helping you create successful team dynamics at every level.

Once we know what makes your team tick, we’ll have an even better understanding of the people who’ll fit best in your business.

So, when we recruit for you, we will introduce candidates who will fit seamlessly into your organisation and for their new manager it will provide greater insight in to how best to integrate and manage them into the business. Again, our candidates might take an aptitude test, personality tests, or follow other online assessment solutions to make sure their personality will only add positively to your great team. With this insight, our introductions are accurate, informed, and personal to you.