Staff Retention

We’ll get to know your team members personally to find out what motivates them. That way, we can support you to put strategies in place that keep them inspired.

We’ll get to know your team members personally to find out what motivates them.

You’ve invested in your employees, so you want to know they’re invested in you too. At Marmion, we will help you identify every employee’s individual motivation so you can work better with your team for shared success. You can trust in our methods, as we’ll use many of those that also help you secure the perfect candidates when we recruit. This includes i3 Personality Profiling, which gives you insight into how people naturally work and the environment in which they are more likely to perform at their best, so you can understand how you can support them to feel happy and succeed.

Of course, we’ll balance this personality assessment with what your business expects from its staff. Teams with goals perform better, and future candidates are well-informed about the business’ values so can check they align with theirs before stepping into a vacancy.

This understanding of your people and their priorities enhances our recruitment campaigns too. It means that before we go out to market on your behalf, we will have greater insight into not only who will fit into your organisation but who will meet your performance/productivity expectations. What is more, successful staff retention also attracts the best candidates, who will be confident joining your business knowing you have a strong, happy, and close-knit team who can offer a place for long-term career success.