Referencing & Vetting

We are committed to building the trustworthy and compliant working relationships, and we make sure we only present people who you can completely trust.

Building trustworthy and compliant working relationships

If you are using our contracting recruitment services, you will never need to worry about the eligibility of any potential worker we send to you. At Marmion, we vet every single contractor that wishes to work with one of our clients in accordance with agreed SLAs.

All original paperwork will be thoroughly certified, verified and recorded on file in the strictest of confidence. Will make sure all NDAs have been signed and retained, and we will get consent of vetting processes from every single worker. These include credit and DBS checks, as well as employment and education references.

As well as contractors, we can also reference and vet your current employees as part of our HR consultancy service. For example, we’ll ask them the right questions to check their compliance with the certificates and qualification they need. It can be a sensitive subject, but we’ll handle it with complete confidence and care. And, if something unexpected arises, we’ll be on hand to support you and your team to solve issues quickly, thoroughly, and confidentially.

Of course, referencing and vetting means our recruitment services and HR consultancy services always follow best practice. Yet it’s about more than simply ticking a box. Referencing and vetting can throw up some challenges, so with a good understanding of your people, and putting their needs first, we can make sure we face any issues with accuracy and empathy.