How To Disconnect From Work Before Annual Leave

12 July, 2022

Taking time off means more than simply fulfilling legal working requirements. Annual leave gives employees the chance to focus on themselves for a change; to relax, recharge, and reflect on life away from the daily demands at work. But we all know it can be a challenge to mentally switch off.

Employees can look forward to a more enjoyable holiday by putting in a little preparation work to help ease those anxieties, while managers can support their absent team members by putting steps in place to ensure a smooth transition. Here are some top to-dos before taking your annual leave.

The Month Before Your Holiday

With the countdown to your holiday now underway, this is the time to begin delegating tasks. The verb itself means to entrust a duty or responsibility to someone else, with the key focus on trust. Not only will delegation keep everything ticking along in your absence, but it will also give your team a better understanding of your role. It can also be empowering and improve working relationships.

For successful delegation, your colleagues need to feel confident and comfortable in carrying out tasks while you are away. This might involve training, shadowing, job sharing, or other means. Talk to your manager about providing team support so that you can keep your workload manageable.

This is also the time to schedule any difficult conversations instead of leaving them to the last day or after a break. The earlier you confront any issues, the sooner they can be resolved for your peace of mind. Managers should also plan key meetings ahead with any employees before they go on leave.

The Week Before Your Holiday

Understandably, the few days leading up to annual leave can set panic alarms ringing, making it the ideal time to start changing your routine. For many employees, shifting from work mode to holiday mode can prove difficult, but making small changes early on can help you to feel stress-free sooner.

Think about what you enjoy the most about taking time off, then replicate them in your final week. It might be less screentime, so start switching off your phone earlier, or maybe reading a novel, so why not visit a local bookshop and treat yourself? It will help build up that pre-holiday excitement, too.

The Day Before Your Holiday

And just like that, your annual leave is about to begin. On your last day at work, keep it simple and only do the most urgent of tasks. Set your email out-of-office reply early so you have the chance to answer any last minute responses and check in with your colleagues in case they have any concerns.

The benefits of annual leave go far beyond the employee taking time off. When teams are one (or even several) members down, it encourages everyone to work together and become more resilient. Managers can facilitate this by having strategies in place to cover absences, which will make sure employees feel less anxious on leave and can also be used for unexpected time off, such as sickness.

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