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Why Businesses Should Be Investing in Young People

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is pivotal to successful business, yet many companies still have reservations around hiring young workers. As experts in ethical recruitment, our team have seen first-hand the advantages of taking on young employees and nurturing their talent and drive.

You may have already read about our colleague Matt Pallister, who was made an executive director of Marmion earlier this year. Matt joined the company in 2017 and has worked his way to the board thanks to his dedication and diligence, with the ongoing support of our founder, Janet McGlaughlin. With Matt’s story in mind, read on for more reasons why every company should invest in new talent.

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Misconceptions about Young Workers

While recruitment practices have come a long way to reducing and removing bias, it unfortunately still exists, particularly the stigma surrounding school leavers. Whether a candidate has GCSEs, A-levels, degrees, or perhaps no qualifications at all, many employers can view a lack of employment experience as a potential problem, and those who have worked are often labelled as ‘job hoppers’.

But as many professionals will tell you, what is written on a CV has little bearing on the reality of an employee and their success in the workplace. What can be seen as negative attributes associated with young people can in fact be useful in many roles, such as their understanding of technology.

The Benefits of Post-Education Employees

The Benefits of Post-Education Employees

As well as a familiarity with computers, new employees who have just completed their education are already primed for learning opportunities. From exams and essays to practical tasks and teamwork, an education at all levels equips young people with the skills to excel in many workplace scenarios.

Post-education employees are also often more open to new ideas, and with the allure of discovery comes an enthusiasm, dedication and engagement that can help to keep a whole team motivated. If this interest and commitment is properly nurtured, young workers can grow within a company, with long-term loyalty helping to promote a more positive culture and a stronger succession structure.

Making the Most of Mentors (1)

Making the Most of Mentors

Older generations may bemoan the proliferation of social media platforms, but it has had one key advantage for young people – exposure to success. Entrepreneurs have helped to encourage greater ambition, focused goal setting and career planning that can make young people valuable employees.

Steven Bartlett is one such success story for aspiring young professionals, having left university to build one of the most influential social media brands, Social Chain, from his own bedroom and most recently becoming the youngest entrepreneur to join the BBC show Dragon’s Den in January 2022.

But it’s not only high-profile names who are inspiring young people – a workplace mentor can be just as valuable. With the right guidance and support, new employees are likely to feel more confident, have increased commitment to the job and produce higher quality work, which then supports the wider business. The process of mentoring can also be beneficial to the mentor, helping to develop leadership skills, improve communication and contribute to a more positive sense of wellbeing.

Nurturing New Talent with Ethical Recruitment

At Marmion, we are committed to building strong relationships between employers and employees of all ages, experience levels and backgrounds. Whether you are looking to find and support the best young talent or taking your first step into the world of work, our team aim to create long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships, helping young people to develop and grow within an organisation.

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Two colleague discussing something on the computer screen

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