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Supporting Your Leadership Team

As companies strive to build a competitive advantage in a world recovering from the pandemic, the well-being of leadership staff is often overlooked.

With the pressure to steer businesses through adversity and consistently deliver great results, it’s no wonder that our leaders need support, reassurance and respect to thrive in their roles.

Companies that are serious about developing leadership within the industry should aim to support the growth and development of their leaders at every level – improving productivity within your team and aiding business success. Here are 4 expert ways to encourage and support leadership development:

Hire Great Leaders

Having effective leaders within the management of a company can help achieve the company's desired goals, ensuring that both employees and managers are reaching their highest potential.

Leaders should be evaluated on how they support continuous growth, direct the team and identify areas for development – contributing to the overall success of the business. While the recruitment of fantastic candidates is particularly difficult at the moment, it’s imperative for employers to support their existing leaders.

Why not provide access to external coaches and informative webinars to personalise leadership development and reinforce its importance?

Respect and Compassion

When considering the most effective ways to support your leaders, showing kindness, respect and compassion is a huge priority. In a recent study by the Centre for Creative Leadership, it showed that roughly 38% to more than half of new leaders fail within their first 18 months – so, how can you change that?

Company directors and employers can avoid falling into that terrifying statistic by incorporating supportive leadership strategies that celebrate honesty, openness and the ability to voice one’s own concerns.

That way, leaders feel respected in their position and can rely on their manager’s unwavering support – which will inevitably improve staff retention.

Accepting Failure

Your business can’t cultivate new processes or invent breakthrough products without a willingness to take risks and learn from previous mistakes. Providing room for failure in business not only takes unnecessary pressure from your leaders but will make space for company growth and advancement.

As a leader developing new leaders, you must trust your employees to make important decisions, giving them opportunities to step into a commanding role and thrive.

Feedback and Learning

Valuable, constructive feedback has the power to empower your leaders, showing them that you are passionate for them to grow within the company and that their growth is important to you.

Welcoming suggestions and including leaders in significant discussions are two ways to support leadership development – giving beneficial feedback wherever necessary.

With feedback, learning and development, managers can identify areas for improvement which will accelerate training, promote workplace positivity and improve business efficiency.

To learn more about ethical recruitment and crucial leadership support, get in touch with the dedicated team at Marmion.

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Black male leader reported good news, everyone is happy.

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