Why Choose a Leeds Recruitment Agency?

31 July, 2023

An online search for ‘recruitment agency’ will bring up countless links, so how can employers and job seekers find the best business for their needs? As one of the top recruitment agencies in Leeds, Marmion has the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to support local companies and candidates in ensuring long-term and mutually positive working relationships in the process.

With Yorkshire Day being celebrated on 1st August, we take the opportunity to explore the importance of a strong recruitment process that focuses on the suitability of a candidate, the cost of getting it wrong, and how to secure and engage employees beyond the initial hiring.

The Benefits of an Effective Recruitment Process

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to recruitment, but this should be seen as an opportunity for businesses to create bespoke processes tailored to their specific requirements, the nature of the role available, and the impact it will have on the wider team. By choosing a local recruitment agency, businesses can benefit from greater visibility, flexibility, and specificity when hiring staff.

For job seekers, knowing where to search and what to look out for are key to finding not only the right job but also the most advantageous company. A recruitment agency will not only help you to find the best vacancies but can also provide advice and support on the recruitment process.

The Cost of Poor Recruitment

Having to terminate a contract or quit a job you have just begun is always a difficult decision for everyone involved. For businesses, the cost of a bad hire is not merely monetary – it can have a ripple effect, causing wider issues such as decreased productivity, low morale, and reputational damage. For job seekers, it can be an emotional blow that can affect wellbeing and confidence.

Employee Retention & Recruitment

Knowing how to retain employees is key; it not only ensures that time and money is well spent, but also reflects the success of a company and helps to improve workplace culture, employee dynamics, and productivity rates. A business should devise recruitment and retention strategies designed for their needs, considering both present working conditions and future company aims.

The focus for improving staff retention rates should be regular, open communication between all levels of staff, aiding managers and HR personnel to better understand employees’ needs and to respond to any difficulties or challenges as and when they arise. Listening to your staff and acting on their ideas will also help to promote the value of a good working environment.

Your Local Leeds Recruitment Agency

Marmion is proud to be a Leeds business, and as an ethical and regional recruitment company, we have developed a keen understanding of the market in our area. So if you are looking for support in Leeds, Harrogate or Yorkshire, we have the expertise to help you find the perfect role or candidate. Get in touch with us on 0113 332 0678 or email hello@wearemarmion.com.

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