Angus McGlaughlin

Operational Support

Angus's role involves:

Supporting the Recruitment Consultants in the early stages of the screening process by reviewing all incoming CVs and scoring them against the criteria for the role they have applied for. Angus is also responsible for the management of Marmion’s CRM system and is currently studying for his AAT Qualifications

Prior to Marmion:

Angus spent four months on a tiny island in Fiji! He was involved in marine conservation and although the work was challenging and there was no running water, living and working closely with complete strangers from different cultures meant that he had to learn to adapt quickly and work as a team.

What Angus brings to the team:

A good sense of humour, which he believes is important to have in a dynamic and often high pressured environment. He is practical, creative and will persevere until a task is completed to its highest standard. Angus also has the determination to complete his training at Marmion with the goal of one day leading his own team of recruiters.

Angus on working for Marmion:

As a Trainee Recruiter, Angus is given exposure to all aspects of Marmion’s operations. From team briefings to listening to his colleagues, he is constantly learning, which allows him to offer the right kind of support to the Marmion team. His biggest career achievement to date is gaining his IOR certificate, which makes Angus a recognised Recruiter.

He'll let you in on a secret:

Angus hates spiders! For his 18th birthday, he was gifted with a three week volunteering programme in The Galápagos Islands by his parents. A great gift but what they had failed to realise is that the island is rife with hand sized spiders and his mosquito net didn’t offer much in the way of protection from them!