Preparing for Employment After Graduation

4 April, 2022

Whether you are a current student, a soon-to-be graduate, or a parent, anticipating those first steps into the ‘big wide world’ can be a stressful and uncertain experience. Due to the pressures of the pandemic, getting onto the ‘career ladder’ has become even more competitive and unpredictable.

The good news is that with a little knowledge, preparation and the right support, graduates and their loved ones can approach job hunting with the enthusiasm, motivation and hopefulness it deserves. After years of studying, now is the time to shine! Here’s our top tips to help build your confidence.

Preparing to Find Your First Job

  • Research the Market – If you have a job or sector in mind, look for the latest updates online, especially as many industries have suffered due to the pandemic. Keep your options open and be flexible with your ideas – your first job is just a starting point, not your entire career.
  • Discover Your Strengths – Personality assessments can help identify your unique attributes and suggest the most suitable career paths. At Marmion, we provide i3 Profiling and our Founder and Managing Director Janet Mclaughlin is an accredited career direction coach.
  • Improve Your Skills – While you are still studying, look for advice on job hunting and start build your skills early on (why not begin with Marmion’s downloadable Job Seekers Guide?) As a parent, you can also use the guide to increase your knowledge and provide support.

Starting Your Job Search

  • Take Your Time – After graduation, you are likely to experience an array of emotions. Begin your job search but set yourself small and easily achievable goals, such as updating your CV or watching a helpful video. Job searching can take many months, so pace yourself and use your time for other valuable pursuits such as travelling, reading, or even volunteering.
  • Prioritise Your Wellbeing – Remember that, like life, you cannot control everything. Share your experiences and concerns with friends, family members, or on social media, and give yourself a break when you need to. For parents or relatives, it is important to give young adults time and space to mentally prepare themselves for such an important life change.
  • Get Connected – Networking will help you to make more informed decisions, broaden your options and boost your wellbeing. From LinkedIn and webinars to in-person events, making connections will help you feel in control and improve your chances of success. If you’re local, why not try the Leeds Careers Fair on 20th April? You can even meet the Marmion team!

Supporting Graduate Job Seekers

For those new to the world of work, taking that first step towards a new career can feel intimidating. As an ethical recruitment agency, Marmion understand the pressure candidates can experience, which is why we provide practical advice and support at every stage of the recruitment process.

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