Managing Post Holiday Blues

4 September, 2022

Whether it’s a bank holiday weekend, seasonal time off, or a trip away, making the most of annual leave can have long-lasting benefits to employee productivity and mental health. But while knowing how to disconnect from work before going away can help, returning to normality can still be difficult.

No matter how well rested and rejuvenated you might feel after a break, there will inevitably be a little lingering nostalgia – it’s something we all experience and usually overcome quickly. But while the ‘holiday blues’ may be inevitable, too much negativity can affect productivity and wellbeing.

For both employees and employers, preparing for a return to work ahead of a holiday can help smooth the transition and avoid unnecessary anxiety. Here are some suggestions from our team.

maintaining your mental health

Maintaining Your Mental Health

No matter where you go, what you do, or how long you have off, taking a break can be both relaxing and exhilarating. The planning, the anticipation, the time spent with loved ones and the cherished memories – many emotions are involved, often resulting in a slump period when it inevitably ends.

The holiday blues might sound trivial, but the symptoms are very real and can range from insomnia and low energy to irritability and depression. One way to alleviate these feelings is to organise some cheap and cheerful activities to look forward to when you get back, such as a meal or a cinema trip.

Another important consideration is transition days – time when you can get used to your regular routine and organise your post-holiday plans before you return to work. While it might seem like a good idea to fill every moment of your leave with activities, having downtime is vital to wellbeing.

Ensuring Employee Wellbeing

Ensuring Employee Wellbeing

For employers and managers, having an employee return from a holiday without their usual will to work can impact on the whole team, so it’s crucial to provide sufficient support. Flexible working is ideal for staff who have been away for long periods of time, helping them to readjust to a routine.

While many employees will be eager to get back to their work, managers need to avoid over-facing returnees as it can lead to exhaustion. You could also arrange a social event to give staff something to look forward to and help them reconnect, especially after shared time off such as Christmas.

Whether an employee has been away for a holiday, due to illness, or going back to the office after home working, managers can make returns a reason to celebrate. Drawing attention to the success of a team on a regular basis can help to improve teamworking, enthusiasm, and positive wellbeing.

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From encouraging annual leave to supporting staff on their return, we all know that in business, it’s the people that matter. Whether you’re looking for a new career or in need of a new member for your team, Marmion’s recruitment experts are here to help. Get in touch with us today.

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