HR Consultancy Services

Good recruitment only comes from a strong understanding of people. Recruitment extends beyond filling a vacancy, supporting both your new candidate and your existing teams to work together well so your business can thrive.

Coaching you through changes

Coaching you through changes and motivating your staff so they stay with you are huge parts of our HR consultancy services. They make sure we learn about you and what really matter to your business, building a long-standing relationship based on knowledge, understanding and trust.

Highly Experienced HR Consultancy Services specialists

Our HR consultancy cover everything from vetting a potential employee to coaching your teams to improve staff retention. To deliver this, we work closely with a network of highly experienced and thoroughly qualified HR Consultancy Services specialists.

Alongside the team at Marmion, they are on-hand to provide you with long-term, interim, or ad-hoc support to understand your people and help you overcome any team challenges you face.

Your individual needs matter. That’s why our HR consultancy services help us to get to know you and your people, first and foremost. It means that any recruitment we do for you is carried out with a complete understanding of you and your team, so we can pinpoint who’ll fit the dynamics perfectly. And if your structure and your team have shifted, we’ll support you to make sure that everyone feels supported.

Business Coaching

Your business will develop and change over time. Sometimes, it’s a sign of success with growth and new opportunities. Or it may be that acquisition and restructuring mean your business is facing a different future.

Referencing & Vetting

At Marmion, we vet every single contractor that wishes to work with one of our clients in accordance with agreed SLAs. We are committed to building the trustworthy and compliant working relationships, and we make sure we only present people who you can completely trust.

Staff Retention

You’ve invested in your employees, so you want to know they’re invested in you too. At Marmion, we will help you identify every employee’s individual motivation so you can work better with your team for shared success.

Team Dynamics

You want to truly know your people and what matters to them so your business can grow. To do that, we’ll work with you to understand the opportunities, and challenges, within your team.