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We ethically and appropriately assess and interview each potential candidate, knowing we’ll only present those who’ll truly fit your business and its values.

We read between the lines, using our experience and insight so we rarely miss a good candidate.

At Marmion, we can create and deliver a virtual assessment centre and hold an outsourcing assessment centre on your behalf. We find these work really well for graduate candidates, rather than more senior applicants. However, as always, we’ll work closely with you and your HR department to determine what’s right for you.

By outsourcing interviews, we ensure that we will do all the qualifying work for you, with our careful 3:2:1 approach (maximum 3 CVs: 2 Interviews: 1 offer) presenting only the ideal shortlist of candidates for your role.

CVs do not always represent the best the applicant has to offer. We read between the lines, using our experience and insight so we rarely miss a good candidate. Then, we will assess them through phone and face-to-face interviews, only progressing those we know are the right fit for the vacancy. You should never receive 100s of CVs for one role from a recruitment agency for you then to have to work through, hoping the right candidate is in there somewhere. If that is the case, we highly recommend you seek support elsewhere.

Marmion Recruitment’s bespoke assessment centres allow us to carefully assess the skills, core characteristics and behaviours of our candidates. At an outsourcing interview and assessment centre or virtual assessment centre, we’ll consider both your and your candidates’ needs to cover everything, from profiles and personalities to skillsets and suitability.

This process gives you even more confidence in the candidates we present. With a thorough, transparent approach and attention to detail, candidates feel more assured about the potential role and the business they are being presented to.

Helping candidates prepare by knowing what to expect is important. Interview nerves can run high, and we want you to see the candidate as they would be in the workplace: clear, confident, and capable. Our goals Is for our candidates to present the best version of themselves and taking time to help them prepare without giving them the answers is a worthwhile investment.

Our outsourcing interview and virtual assessment centres make sure candidates have the skills, competencies, experience, attitude, and aptitude to carry out the role they have applied for successfully. They’re also great ways to confirm that candidates will match your corporate values and culture, and ultimately add value to your business.

I've worked with Janet on several occasions and am always impressed by her understanding of the challenges facing Financial Services. Working in a regulated environment means the quality and integrity of our resource partners are paramount to building the right team. Janet and her team consider the needs of both clients and candidates to ensure appointments are tailored to both and have longevity. Personal , professional and proactive.

Amanda Swinley, Head of Redress and Remediation, The Cooperative Bank

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