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Ethical and professional recruitment is making sure that the vacancy and business is the right one for you: the candidate.

Recruitment Services

We take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for, making sure your needs and personality match with the vacancy on offer, and just as importantly the environment in which you will work. We build the long-term relationships between our employers and candidates that will provide you with job satisfaction for years to come.

At Marmion, we explain every role we think you are right for in detail.

We are aware that many 'Recruiters' no longer meet their candidates, and that this has become an accepted practice. We do not believe this is enough. When making a career change it is also life changing, so it is important we create a relationship built on mutual trust and respect in order for us to ensure we do what's right for you, your career, and your personal life. A quick call will not achieve that.

At Marmion, we explain every role we think you are right for in detail. We will have met your potential employer beforehand, learnt about their working environment, and only presented the business to you if we feel they are the right fit for you too. That way, if you are ready to make a decision on an offer, it is an informed one.

You can also rest assured that the way we treat that information is always confidential. Your profile is personal, meaning not only is it unique to you, but that we will never present it to a potential employer without your express permission. That way, you can be completely confident in our processes, practices, and commitment to working with you in your best interests.


Looking for a new role? You’ll find a selection of the jobs we’re currently recruiting for here. If there is one you think you are right for, or would like to find out more about, send us your CV or better still, pick up the phone. We like to talk!

Interview Preparation

Not sure how to stand-out at interview? We’ll help you prepare for meeting your potential employer. We will make sure you have the details you need, and let you practice your presentation to give you the confidence to show the real you and to present the best version of you.

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Found a role that suits your skills? Upload your CV here.

Job Seekers Guide

Download our guide to managing your job application, with helpful tips and advice from presenting your CV, through to setting up a video call.

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