Our Promise - Employer & Candidate Charter

Ethical recruitment requires open and honest communication. Even if it’s not always the news you want! As a trusted partner Marmion, will professionally manage any interaction and transfer of information between all parties and, will ensure you are informed and updated on each step of the recruitment journey.

A Personal Service

If you’re an employer, we promise we’ll take time to listen to you and find out what really matters to your business, so we can get the recruitment campaign right first time. We’re open and honest, letting you know what we’re charging, when and how. And, unless it is a retained arrangement, we will only invoice when your candidate starts work. Up to that point everything we do is free. We carry the risk until you make the offer!

If you are an applicant and your CV matches the requirements of the role, we promise to respond to you – personally - ideally within 48hours of applying for a role. There’s no standard email template. Instead, you will receive a call or email from one of our trained recruiters inviting you to discuss your application and to talk about the employer we are working with. And, if your application is unsuccessful, we’ll explain why, with reasons to help your future development.

Every step is assessed, every process audited, and every practice trusted. Our policies and procedures are strict, and followed by every team member, every time. And we’re committed to constantly improving our services, adapting what we offer, and how we work with you, to reflect the ever-changing needs and working environments.

We’ll always share our improvements with you, staying true to the transparent processes at the heart of everything we do.

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