At Marmion, we provide honest, transparent, and ethical recruitment and consultancy services

We promise both employers and candidates that we’ll be transparent and act in your best interests every single time.

A Personalised Approach to Recruitment

We understand that when taking on a new employee or for a candidate committing to a new role, it is, for both parties, a big decision, which is why we treat each new role as a new beginning, meaning that each campaign is fresh and highly personalised.

At Marmion, we know that by removing the personal connection between the recruitment consultant and applicant in the very early stages, there is a risk that we might exclude the best candidate for the job. The same can be said for the employer.

Whilst we embrace and invest in technology to support our backend processes, it cannot replace a Recruitment Consultant who has the knowledge and skill needed to read between the lines of a CV which determines whether the CV matches the person who has made the application and if they are a likely candidate for the role they have applied for.

We are not a 'database search agency' because we do not register everyone. Only those we have actually interviewed are placed on record, and then only with their permission. There is no advantage of tempting people by poorly advertised roles and false promises and then loading them into the database.

In a candidate driven market they are only 'live' for a short while, so disrupting them later when they are settling into a new role, is not in our opinion great practice. If we do not take personal responsibility to understand the business, the line manager and the main purpose of the role, we cannot create effective campaigns to attract relevant and great applicants.

Ethical Recruitment

You need to trust us to act in your best interests, and we promise to do that – every time. If you're the right fit for the role and you apply, you’ll always get personal feedback that values the time and energy you’ve spent applying. And, if you’re not sure about the role fit, we won’t persuade you to take on a job that’s not quite right or tempt you to hire the wrong person.

Strong relationships

Our ethical recruitment approach works, as we build strong relationships based on understanding you - the people we’re working with.

Finding the right candidate

Whether you are placing a role or searching for work, with a Marmion recruitment campaign the right candidate is more likely to be found, retained, and happy at work.

An extension of your business

We act as an extension of your business, handling responses as you would, treating all candidates with respect, and taking great care to protect your reputation.

Case Studies

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Our Promise (Employer & Candidate Charter)

Ethical recruitment only works if we’ve invested in our relationship with you. That’s why we promise both employers and candidates that we’ll be transparent and act in your best interests every single time. We do not chase fees, instead we work hard to achieve successful outcomes for all parties concerned.